Goula Invite tentative schedule

Posted February 23, 2023

Goula Invite tentative schedule

Saturday, Feb 25th

Goula Inviational @ Pascgoula High school

Approximately 45 minutes from McGill


Mini Bus needs ot be loaded after school on Friday.

Transportation will be provided ( minibus) but finding your own ride is encouraged.




8:05 departure from McGill


9:00 A.M - Coaches Meeting


Field Event Attempts: 4 Jumps / 4 Throws


10:00 A.M

Boys Long Jump. Welch, ?, ?

 -> Boys Triple Jump. Eager, Welch, Marks

Girls Long Jump--   Grey, Kidd, Dolan

-> Girls Triple Jump--  Kidd, Dolan, ?

Discus Throw:  Girls --  Strain, Wallace

-> Boys: --Davis, ?, ?

Shot Put:  Boys -- Davis, Zuniga, Marks

->-- Girls. Wallace,?, ?

High Jump: Boys -- Welch, Moore, Galvin

-> -- Girls ?

Pole Vault: Girls --Dolan, Clark, Dudley

->-- Boys-Gibson, Whigham, Pape, Dekle




10:30 A.M

4x800 Meter Relay: 

            Woodard, Mostellar, Bolton, Salmon

            Mccarren, Copeland, Galvin, Porr

3200 Meter Run: 


          Porr, Bishop


RUNNING EVENTS (Conclusion of Field Events)

12:00 P.M 

100 - 110 Meter Hurdles:  

                        Dekle, Whigham

100 Meter Dash: 

                        Kidd, Robinson 

                        Eager, Williams

4x200 Meter Relay: 

            Elebash, Ferlise, Robinson, Grey

            Dekle,  Galvin,  Marks ,  Hill

1600 Meter Run:

                        Adams, Mostellar

                        Bishop, Porr      

4x100 Meter Relay: 

            Kidd, Robinson, Elebash, Grey

            Eager, Gibson, Williams, Welch

400 Meter Dash: 

         Ferlise, Porr 

          Galvin, Joe Mccarren

300 Meter Hurdles: 

          Elebash, Grey. 

          Dekle, Whigham

800 Meter Run:  

        Bolton, Porr

        Porr, Cunningham

200 Meter Dash:  

        Ferlise, Robinson

        Eager, Hill

4x400 Meter Relay:  

        Salmon, Ferlise, Porr, Grey, Elebash

        Galvin, Mccarren, Whigham, Dekle, Gibson



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